Fiber optic network design

Getting to customers in your blank map areas is no easy task and can jeopardize any budget. You will need to get premises, hire teams of designers and project managers, get tech and legal experts and still you will not have an easy way even getting your works started.

We already have the knowledge and resources to do all the tasks associated with such a project. We can scale from network deployments into customer premises, logistics parks, business parks to big metro networks deployed simultaneously in more than one area.

We have teams and experts who are able to design the network and who know optimising it according to local rules and constraints, and according to the technology that will run on it. We produce the necessary documentation for getting permissions from legal authorities, and also to have the full network documented in a full technical detail for operational purposes. We have the legal experts able to control the bureaucratic process of getting permissions and licences.

We handle the logistics of buying materials, deploying it to the field, and getting the necessary civil works done. The cable is installed and commissioned in a fully documented manner, with specialized measurement and verification in a transparent way.

We can take responsibility for the process of site acquisition, site preparation and we have the engineering force to deploy network equipments and getting the network up and running.

Developing new fiber networks is challenging and we are more than prepared for it, doing it for the last 16 years. We have the capability to get the optimum design for your network, the experience needed to get all the permissions, the force to install it, the commitment to maintain it, and the flexibility to adapt to your business demand.


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