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    „Prime Telecom managed to maintain our platform at high performance standards.”

    Arina Ureche – General Director BRAT

    Prime Cloud: a 360º solution for your business

    The backup of data is done automatically at determined times. At any moment you can choose to rollback your data to an earlier version in order to recover after some unwanted effects of an update.

    Prime Cloud has automated procedures of disaster recovery. In extreme conditions affecting one data center, the resources are automatically routed and started elsewhere.

    The cloud services are built in NX DATA, a high security datacenter. The access on the premises is permited only to authorised personnel of Prime Telecom. The engineers in charge with servers maintance are making sure that all replaced or defective storage is effectively destroyed to prevent any data leakeage.

    Your data is secured by encryption technologies, and high frequency of backups with multiple storage locations is protecting it against loss.

    Cloud resources (processing power, memory, storage) are not depending anymore on the capability of the infrastructure on customer premises. When requirements increase, upgrade is a simple reconfiguration, done in minutes, not weeks.

    We are continuously monitoring our systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and we quickly step in if the need arise.

    ➔ Service availability 99,9%
    ➔ Monitoring 24/7/365
    ➔ Rapid response in 30 minutes

    Prime Telecom has bought cutting edge networking technology, latest blade servers with processors and memory of the latest generation. The storage is either classical HDD or lightning speed SSD.

    You just have to choose your needs, without any upfront costs, just a monthly fee.

    On demand, we provide the option to migrate the data you have in Prime Cloud to any other platform. That’s a guarantee.

    More than just a cloud

    Prime Cloud is not limited to only virtual servers. On top of our cutting edge hardware, you can build complete virtual insfrastructure made up of servers, routes and firewalls.

    Where security is a must, we offer virtualized Cyber Security solutions. Add to all that the versatility and performance of the virtual appliances from Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Microtik, direct fiber connection to all your premises, and you have your own ultramodern high speed network with zero investment.

    Prime Cloud: the cloud solution that made the difference in romanian businesses

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    ``The collaboration with Prime Telecom’s team brings to this day visible results and consistent performance of the Multifleet platform. We are delighted with this collaboration and the understanding that Prime Telecom showed us regarding our needs and objectives.`` Adrian Dinca General Manager Auto3P Romania

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    ``Prime Telecom stood out with its excellent services, fast interventions, and great openness to the BRAT needs. The communication between us is smooth and punctual, and they manage to maintain our platform to the highest functionality standards. We strongly recommend Prime Telecom to other media and advertising companies. Extensive reliability and scalability, suitable for the current and future business needs Full monitoring and technical support 24/7/365;`` Arina Ureche Director General BRAT

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    ``Before starting the collaboration with Prime Telecom, there were some technical challenges that only a dedicated specialized team could have solved. But once we began to implement the solution, these technical issues have been addressed rapidly. Also, the booking platform's performance standards support the business growth and help us manage everything easily, even in the busiest periods. Connectivity, speed, accessibility.`` Eugen Iacob Managing Partner

    You can find us at:


    Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu nr. 34, Sector 1

    Cluj Napoca

    Piața 1 Mai, Nr. 4-5, Etaj 3


    Calea Chisinaului 29, Et. 2


    Str. Lucian Blaga, Nr. 8, Et. 2


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