Virtual Dedicated Servers

The Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a low cost and high performance alternative to the traditional dedicated servers, with countless advantages (cost optimization, easier administration, scalability, control etc.)

Benefits of Prime VPS service:

  1. Noticeably lower costs compared to a dedicated bare-metal server because a bare-metal server can accommodate one or more Virtual servers.
  2. Flexibility in allocating resources to the final customer. Prime Telecom is permanently monitoring the loading of bare-metal servers that host virtual servers so that the load does not exceed 60% of all bare-metal server resources. This way, if the end user requires additional resources, these can be achieved instantly and visible immediately after a reboot of the virtual server. Some additional resources include: CPU (vCPU), Memory (RAM) and disk (SSD or HDD).
  3. You can manage your own resources. You are free to customize your own resources from the Horizon interface. You can also provision servers, migrate servers, make backups and access remote console.
  4. Provisioning Security. All our equipment is Datacenter grade / Enterprise edition, so that we can offer you a guarantee both in service supply certainty and for its maintenance to the highest standards of quality and availability. On the software side we are using Openstack, used by the world’s largest brands (Cern, AT&T, Bloomberg etc)
  5. Backup Services. Optional, associated to the virtual servers service, we can provide backup option on a preset time frame. The type of backup is the „Snapshot” and it is done daily, either incremental or with a number of days ago.
  6. Faster performance. Because all of our dedicated servers that host Virtual machines must meet strict standards, this automatically translates into increased performance offered by the virtual servers hosting services. We are using CEPH, as the latest storage technology, far superior to the standard RAID system in both performance and redundancy.
  7. Monitoring. The dedicated servers with which we provide virtualization services are constantly monitored 24/7 by our technicians. We use specially developed monitoring tools to determine server loads, acting within one hour after the notification of a fault or a bottleneck.
  8. Management. Upon request, our technical team can provide management service for virtual servers, from operating system to applications that are hosted on it, for you to be careless in terms of the virtual server uptime or the application.
  9. Availability. For the virtual dedicated servers we provide a contractual SLA of 99% per month for electricity supply, and 99.5% per month for Internet connection.

Dedicated servers that host the virtualization services have the following configuration given as a guide:

  • Number of processors: 2-16.
  • Between 2 and 128 GB of RAM
  • Storage 4GB – 10TB
  • Multi-gigabit connectivity in rack switches

If you have an application that requires significant hardware resources, Prime Telecom can configure upon your request one or more virtual dedicated servers, arranged on one or more physical machines, for a redundant N + 1 or 2N type. Tell us about your application and we will provide you the technical solution that will ensure not only a certainty of application availability, but also a high performance, so you can focus on developing your services.


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