Datacenter Collocation

Datacenter Collocation

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Prime Telecom has its own server collocation space, equipped to international standards, providing both redundancy power for servers and network equipment, including equipment designed for more efficient cooling of the technical space. Redundant fiber routes and increased security service completes the services structure, for the continuous use of services 24/7/365.

Advantages for equipment collocation in Prime Telecom`s data Center:

  1. Noticeably lower costs compared to their maintenance and the maintenance for all related elements. A neutral colocation datacenter brings out a significant decrease for the amount of investment required for a technical space designed to host your computing equipment. Also, collocation for your equipment in our datacenter offers the advantage of having access to our team of specialists in finding the right solution for your project.
  2. Flexibility in resource allocation for the final customer. Prime Telecom can dynamically allocate rack units (starting at 1 U up to half or full-height racks), depending on your annual needs.
  3. Provisioning Security. We use only renowned manufacturers of UPS equipment and redundant systems to secure electrical circuits, both towards the Datacenter, and independently towards each rack separately. So you can be sure of not only providing a quality service from the energy point of view, and also from the service continuity point of view. Another important item is the cooling part, our datacenter benefiting from a redundant cooling air equipment.
  4. Backup Services. Beside the UPS units used, our Datacenter uses for a longer backup, a diesel generator that can provide twice as much electrical power to overtake the datacenter demand.
  5. Enhanced performance. Because our datacenter uses only state of the art hardware facilities and energy, our customers can collocate also high density equipment (e.g. blade servers).
  6. Monitoring. Our technical team is constantly monitoring the environment inside these Data Center features: temperature, humidity, dew point, the presence of liquids or smoke, including human presence. These values are not only collected in one point in the datacenter, the sensors being spread evenly throughout its surface.
  7. Availability. Prime Telecom provides a contractual SLA of 99% for electricity supply, and 99.5% for Internet connection services.

Prime Telecom’s Datacenter features

A young, dynamic team is ready and willing to help in the implementation of projects and ideas that you want to try out.

  • 42U full-height racks
  • Redundant cooling systems
  • UPS systems with 80 kVA total power
  • Redundant fiber routes from two different parts of the building
  • Backup generator of 120 Kva total power
  • Floating floors (raised), that allows channeling of electrical and telecommunication cables
  • Security and permanent monitoring, 24/7, through the use of software and hardware units DCIM type (Data Center Infrastructure Management)