Modern city buildings and connection grid. 3d rendering

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Prime Telecom’s dedicated Internet access service is a simple, easy-to-use service with high bandwidth scalability and dedicated connectivity. To meet a high demand for Internet, high-speed and high-speed internet connections, Prime Telecom offers symmetrically guaranteed bandwidth (both upload and download).

Lights and connections on network server. 3d rendering

Carrier Ethernet

The standardization proposed by Carrier Ethernet 2.0 allows to unify and generalize the services and parameters used by Ethernet technology in the most efficient way eliminating the potential compatibility problems generated by the interconnection of equipment from multiple suppliers and the simultaneous use of several possible data transmission environments.



As the needs for customer communication and interconnection grow or become more complex, Prime Telecom comes to their support by offering MPLS VPN (Layer 2 and Layer 3) services. MPLS technology allows one company to interconnect two or more locations with each other, using private, secure and reliable connections.

fibre optique # 2

Dark Fiber

The development of new fiber optic networks is not an easy task, but we are experts, doing so for over 18 years. We have deployed underground fiber networks in Bucharest, Iasi and Cluj, we are connected with all major infrastructure providers and we have teams located in major cities.


Voices services

Prime Telecom offers a complete portfolio of global telephony services. Our solutions are addressed to both business to business and specialized wholesalers.


On demand services

Sometimes your business needs a temporary presence, when you have a special event, at a fair trade, organizing a sport event etc. We can come to your help with a solution, which, even if it’s temporary, it provides the same level of capacity, quality and security as in datacenter. We can also provide customized solutions for teleconferencing, live stream of your events, professional wifi for intense public use, etc.


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