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Modern city buildings and connection grid. 3d rendering

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

From real-time information delivery, including large data uploads/downloads, to streaming and cloud applications, your business demands the utmost in Internet bandwidth performance.

Lights and connections on network server. 3d rendering

Carrier Ethernet

The Standardized Services attribute enables a Carrier Ethernet Service Provider to deliver full range of packet and TDM-based services in an efficient manner.



When the business needs are getting more demanding, requiring a stable private virtual network inter-connecting many premises, we offer our MPLS VPN service accomodating both Layer 2 and Layer 3 services

fibre optique # 2

Dark Fiber

We do have the capability to implement dark fiber, in a variety of technical solutions, ranging from the simple metro line connecting your HQ with your backup location to a national scale level DWDM backbone or to your metro network on which you deliver your solution to the household level.


Voices services

We offer a complete portofolio of modern telephony services at a global range. Solutions are tailored for the business users but also to the wholesale segment.


On demand services

Sometimes your business needs a temporary presence, when you have a special event, at a fair trade, organizing a sport event etc. We can come to your help with a solution, which, even if it’s temporary, it provides the same level of capacity, quality and security as in datacenter. We can also provide customized solutions for teleconferencing, live stream of your events, professional wifi for public events, etc.