Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber

by andii

The term “dark” comes from the simple fact that the fiber is “unlit”, not connected to a network device. When a fiber cable is installed on a route, it is usually provisioned from the start with many more fibers in it, than the initial requirements mainly to the high costs associated with route development and with later upgrades.

As such, the infrastructure can be put to work on businesses from completely different entities, on deploying fully functional networks, running their own technologies, their own model, their own team, but without the risks and the costs associated with cable deployment: planning, getting permissions, digging, installing poles and so on. Also the operator already has a neat maintenance and repair plan in place, so there is no need to allocate other costs on it.

We do have the capability to implement dark fiber, in a variety of technical solutions, ranging from the simple metro line connecting your HQ with your backup location to a national scale level DWDM backbone or to your metro network on which you deliver your solution to the household level.

We do have the flexibility to implement dark fiber solutions in completely different business models, and to cover the required quality by committing to a binding SLA.

Developing new fiber networks is no easy task but we are more than prepared for it, doing it for the last 16 years. We have implemented an underground networks in Bucharest, Iasi and Cluj, we have connections with all the major utility providers, we have teams located in the major cities across the country.

We have the capability to get the optimum design for your network, the experience needed to get all the permissions, the force to install it, the commitment to maintain it, and the flexibility to adapt to your business needs.