Internet dedicated access

Internet dedicated access

by andii

The dedicated internet it’s a simple and easy manageable service with bandwidth scalability in very large range of capacities and conectivity solutions. The quality of the internet services is secured by the guaranteed bandwidth, agreed by contract and controlled by technology.

Main features:

  • Multiple TIER-1 interconnectes
  • Geographic diversity (interconnects thoushands of kilometers apart)
  • European IX presence – DECIX, AMSIX
  • Redundancy at the infrastructure level
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support in Prime’s NOC
  • High availability (99.99%) agreed in contract and sustained by redundancy

From real-time information delivery, including large data uploads/downloads, to streaming and cloud applications, your business demands the utmost in Internet bandwidth performance.

Prime Telecom`s Dedicated Internet Access provides simple, manageable and scalable high-capacity bandwidth with dedicated connectivity fiber-based Ethernet technology, redundant access options and reliable service backed by NOC support centers and an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA), make Prime Telecom the best choice for your enterprise Our Dedicated Internet Access runs on our wholly owned, redundant and private end-to-end fiber network across Romania

Prime Telecom`s high-capacity, diverse fiber network, combined with high speed connections to key peering points and data centers, ensures the highest levels of availability and responsiveness.

Prime Telecom offers guaranteed bandwidth to meet heavy demand for a permanent, high-speed Internet connections.

Prime Telecom’s fully-owned network is built with resilient design, in the event of a fiber cut, data is automatically rerouted. We proactively monitor your service from our Network Operation Center located in Bucharest.

  • Multiple, private and geographically diverse high capacity Tier-1 Internet connections ensures reliable access to the Internet (3x Tier-1) and European IXs (DEC-IX, AMS-IX)
  • Robust metro and backbone network infrastructure with builtin resilience
  • 24×7×365 NOC monitors network status
  • Industry leading SLA

DIA and also IP Transit services are supported across our extensive fiber network, with a diverse, resilient core and options for protected access and business continuity. We deliver reliable, fast and secure Ethernet over optical fiber connectivity supported at Ethernet/FastEthernet/1Gb/10Gb speeds.

With up to 99.99% availability, our DIA & IP Transit offering delivers the high performance for your business.


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