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Image of optical fibers with binary codes. internet connection with fiber

Because in our time, internet access and unrestricted communications proved to be fundamental, Prime Telecom got on the market as early as the year 2000 with a innovative view, being the first telecom company providing infrastructure and connectivity in a neutral way.

Datacenter with two Cloud storage symols

We are offering hardware infrastructure services, dedicated servers, cloud services (IaaS) and colocation services in our datacenter. We have a lot of certifications for this services.


Cyber Security services monitor, detect and act in order to protect your data and infrastructure from the daily attacks and threats.


Prime telecom has the knowledge, experience and the required resources for design, authorization and building of telecom networks, covering the whole specter of necessities, from the trivial excavations to fiber splicing, FTTH passive and active equipment installation and executing measurments and quality analysis of the network.

Security Camera in a Modern Office

We offer to our customers a set of security solutions, tailored to stop intrusions to your locations, detecting in time fires or other unforeseen events, preventing your loses. We customize the solution to each customer to get the best outcome.


We have multiple ways to significantly reduce energy consumption. Especially for the big consumers, we have complet lighting LED services, and other green technologies.