Services especially tailored to your needs

Services especially tailored to your needs

by Andrei Stirbu

Because in our time, internet access and unrestricted communications proved to be fundamental, Prime Telecom got on the market as early as the year 2000 with a innovative view, being the first telecom company providing infrastructure and connectivity in a neutral way.

We are offering hardware infrastructure services, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, colocation services in our datacenter. We have a lot of certifications for this services.

We do have a significant range of ways with the same purpose: to reduce your electric energy consumption, without any impact of your activities. If you are a big consumer, we do recommend you our LED based lighting services, and other green technologies.

We offer to our customers a set of security solutions, tailored to stop intrusions to your locations, detecting in time fires or other unforeseen events, preventing your loses. We customize the solution to each customer to get the best outcome.

As the new information technologies adjust to the on-growing demand of big data, Internet Of Things Revolution is becoming more mainstream. Prime Telecom offers our clients the possibility of storing Internet Of Things data in the cloud or locally in our Datacenter.