Find out more about us

Find out more about us

by Andrei Stirbu

Developing from 2003 our own metropolitan fiber optic infrastructure, until now Prime Telecom has enhanced a solid portfolio of clients, among them being listed governmental organizations, local authorities, and educational institutions.

Our mission is to provide you the telecom foundation and building blocks that your business needs. Infrastructure for your business network, integrated services for your IT, even complete metro networks on which to run your own services.

During our proven experience on European market we have developed our national network along with a pan European infrastructure enabling us to reach the most important exchange points in Europe.

The services and technologies we offer our clients show a high level of security, while meeting regulatory requirements in force.

Because we want you to be informed in regards to our work, we are keeping you connected to the latest news about Prime Telecom Romania.

We invite you to join Prime Telecom, a young team of enthusiastic, highly trained and oriented to obtain the best results.