Dedicated servers rental

Among the Datacenter services offered by Prime Telecom there is also the dedicated servers rental, so-called bare-metal servers. They are an alternative to dedicated virtual servers, giving you full access to the operating system administration, meaning shutdown, restart and reinstall through the console server. With dedicated hardware.

Dedicated servers advantages (bare metal):

  1. Hardware stability. A dedicated server type provides safety in terms of application stability running on them. Because this kind of servers, unlike virtual dedicated servers, eliminates an extra layer of virtualization software required.
  2. A 100% resource allocation for the operating system. In direct correlation with the previous point, eliminating the extra layer of virtualization, the operating system installed on a dedicated server fully benefits from hardware resources of that server. Compared to virtual servers, a Hypervisor installed on a different operating system will never grant 100% of the CPU physical resources, memory and disk of that server because the server itself will use some of them to operate.
  3. Isolation. Dedicated Servers benefit from another important aspect of dedicated hardware elements, namely physical and logical isolation level. Physical isolation is represented by the dedicated physical access to the server via remote console made available for free by Prime Telecom. Logical isolation implies that your server hardware resources are not shared with other users or other applications, being able always to take advantage of them. An example of this in which this option is very useful is represented by the servers that are configured with classic (rotative) HDDs. Thus, the speed of reading and writing is shared between processes that are using the HDD.
  4. Backup Services. Optional, associated to the dedicated servers service, we can offer backup option. Briefly, we provide a FTP space for you to save the most important files on the server.
  5. Flexible Performance. Dedicated server performance is limited only by the hardware features. Therefore, when signing the contract, you will decide the performance level for your dedicated server, how many processors or the number of GB of RAM you need it configured with, how many HDD`s to include and the RAID level.
  6. Monitoring. Dedicated servers are constantly monitored 24/7 by our technicians. We use monitoring tools specifically designed by HP to determine server loads acting within maximum one hour after the notification of a technical fault.
  7. Management. Upon request, our technical team can provide management service for rented servers, from operating system installed to applications that are hosted on it, for you to be careless in terms of server uptime server or the application.
  8. Availability. Dedicated servers provide a contractual SLA of 99.5% per month for electricity supply, and 99.8% per month for Internet connection.
  9. Redundant resources. Dedicated servers are rack type, and have between 1 and 4U depending on the technical performance provided. Each server has between 2 and 4 electricity supply sources, to provide a N+1 or 2N redundancy. Each server has Error-correcting code memory (ECC RAM) to cope with the most work-intensive environment. Before delivering the servers to our customers, we run all operability tests on them, detailed performance tests and component verification, between 24-72 hours continuously.

Dedicated servers may have the following configuration given as a guide:

  • Number of processors 2-4.
  • Cores per processor: 4, 6, 8.
  • Threads per processor: 8, 12, 16.
  • Between 64 and 256 GB RAM
  • SSD / HDD space can be configured as RAID 1 with a minimum of 2 disks
  • HDD disks available: 320 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB
  • SSD disks available: 120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB
  • 1 Gbit/s switch rack connectivity
  • Top of the Rack network uplink switches with 10Gb/s

If you have an application that requires significant hardware resources, Prime Telecom can configure upon your request one or more dedicated servers, for a N + 1 or 2N redundancy. Tell us more about your application and we will provide you the technical solution that will ensure not only a certainty of application availability, but also a high performance, so you can focus on developing your services.


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