Month: November 2018

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Post international conference 4.0 banking reviews

We had the opportunity to participate in the international conference Banking 4.0, along with 200 other specialists.

Countries such as Austria, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary were represented at the event.


During the conference, the potential of emerging technologies in the future development of financial services was analyzed: block chain, bio-metrics, cloud computing, conversational economy, artificial intelligence and “machine learning”.


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New projects in Europe

Our developemnt teams are on the road again for a new European project.

This time we are upgrading the mobile network for a national operator in Austria by implementing 4G (LTE) technology to the existing one, as well as upgrading existing technologies.

Our colleagues have gone properly and completely equipped, respecting all the rules of work safety and protection.

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WiFi4U Re-lunch


As a potential supplier in this project, Prime Telecom is happy to find out that today, November 7 the European Commission has reopened the #WiFi4EU grant application portal.

This will allow local governments from across the EU, including Romania to apply for €15,000 grants towards building free WiFi networks.

The reopening of the portal, which crashed in May following a traffic-jam of thousands of attempted applications, means that thousands of municipalities will once again be applying for WiFi4EU grants.

More than 19,000 municipalities (1,000 from Romania) have pre-registered to become eligible for the grants.

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GimmeFiber Day

#GimmeFiber Day is on the 4th of November because it is the birthday of Nobel Prize winner Sir Charles Kuen Kao, the man who changed the way the world communicates by transmitting light in fibers for optical communication.

“Thank you for so honoring Professor Kao on his birthday”, declared Mrs. Gwen Kao, Professor Charles Kao’s wife.

“Back in the early days, when he announced that optic fiber would change the world, I laughed at him and joked about a Nobel Prize! Decades later, we live in a high-tech world so full of creativity, where products improve so fast that items become obsolete overnight. We are finally able to fully appreciate the impact of his vision. He would be very touched if he understood the event, but he has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for the last 11 years. On his behalf, I wish you a successful Gimme Fibre Day!”


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