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Complete security solutions for the banking system

Romania has the degree of bank intermediate calculated as a ratio between bank assets and the lowest GDP in the European Union.

At Prime Telecom we provide complete solutions to the banking system regarding the zero priority of the moment, namely the increase of the basic service regarding the access to the current account through the card (ATM).

According to the study published by ZF, only 10% of the national ATM network is operational in rural areas, although over 45% of the country’s population lives here, 3 out of 4 communes do not have access to an ATM.

In the attention of our partners in the banking system, if you intend to invest in this sector, we remind you that Prime Telecom offers you integrated security systems that also include video surveillance solutions, burglar detection systems and access control throughout the country.


The National Bank of Romania recently announced that in Romania, at the end of the first semester of this year, there were a total of more than 10,547 ATMs, out of which 9,488 in the urban area.

In addition, the national ATM network is experiencing a sharp decline in both urban and rural areas.

The maximum number of ATMs was reached in June 2015, when in Romania there were 11,738. This 10% reduction in the last four years is most strongly felt by the rural population.

At present, only in 695 of the 2,861 communes in Romania there is an ATM, while 2,166 communes (almost 76% of the total number of communes) do not have access to an ATM in their locality.

According to HG 1002/2015 Annex 1. art. 18 atm must comply with the minimum security requirements.

“Art. 18 (1) In order to ensure the security of the automatons destined for the cash transactions, regardless of the location, the minimum requirements regarding the electronic security and the mechanical protection will be respected.

(2) The burglary detection subsystem shall signal the unauthorized opening of the doors of the banking machine and its action to force it.

(3) Banking machines intended for cash transactions from bank locations shall be supervised by video in the customer area and in the supply area.

(4) The theft detection system intended to protect the cash transactions automation located outside the bank offices must be connected to an approved monitoring dispatcher.

“(5) The operations of feeding or withdrawing the cash from the machines are carried out without the presence of unauthorized persons in their proximity.”

“(6) Payment machines or other terminals that accumulate and deposit cash at night, except for foodstuffs, which are not disposed in spaces delimited by elements resistant to manual attacks and secured with locks, or are not secured , it is secured by fixing immobile supports. ”


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