Month: February 2019

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MWC2019 – Innovation celebration

We saw hundreds of exciting tech companies that came together in Barcelona and we’ve been sharing ideas alongside our new and existing partners at #MWC19 on how technological innovations are changing the way we are going to do telecommunication in the future.

Among others we’ve seen the future of urban mobility, we’ve found out that “the hype of 5G will match its reality”, and we’ve learned about mobile powers disruptive innovations.

We are pleased to conclude that our attending to Barcelona was a perfect opportunity to meet talented people, eager to make an impact in the upcoming market waves.

Here are some of our best moments, if you want to stay in touch we are right here, to not hesitate to contact us!

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Guadeloupe – 4 G Mako project

Mako project took place in Guadeloupe Island, a French overseas region in the southern Caribbean Sea.

On this project Prime Telecom did the following:

  • Equipment delivery to site
  • Installation, commissioning and testing
  • Site report and site folder
  • Decommissioning, dismantle and delivery to warehouse

Between November 2017 and April 2018 we’ve deployed several teams, from Riggers, drivers and up to project managers, in total around 70 persons.

Our partner in Guadeloupe was ZTE Corporation. During this six months our colleagues have faced several special situations, all new to us. One of the main challenges was to overcome the cultural differences between natives, partners from China and our Romanian teams.

The weather was another challenge, as we confronted ourselves with different climate – where the weather changes are happening very fast, in short periods of time. We’ve found out that what you planned in the office was not necessary adapted to the reality in the field.

So, in the Gant diagram there was no special section for unique situations like: reaching a site located in the middle of the forest with no visible access path, or dealing with cultural differences – interdiction even to be close to sites on the second day of Easter, or with legal challenges – out Drive Test team was asked during a night shift to justify what was their scope in the city etc.

The Drive Test team carries out optimization, conducting telephone and data tests when the site is integrated after the equipment has been changed.

But based onto the professionalism of the team, along with excellent coordination of our Project Manager, Mr. Lucian Voicu, in cooperation with our local partners we managed to finalize the project in very good conditions for our final client, Digicel.

Now that we have another proven international experience we are ready for new challenges!

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Phishing, the main online threat to the Romanians

YouGov has made a study for Google that has shown that Romanians are at high risk for phishing attacks and viruses.

37% of Romanians say they have been targeted by a phishing attack by someone trying to access personal data, including passwords and bank details, by misleading methods, claiming to be a legitimate source.

28% of study participants said they were infected with a virus or software, resulting in manipulation, theft or deletion of personal data.

24% of Romanians claim that someone has accessed unauthorized social networking / email accounts.

The population is beginning to become aware of online risks, so financial data protection is a priority concern for 49% of Romanians, being directly interested in secure Internet banking and processing of card data when making online transactions.

Implementing GDPR norms has come to your everyday life beyond the pop-up site that you close in 2 clicks, most of the time without reading them. Here, 19% are very attentive to their personal data: domicile, CNP, etc ..

Surprisingly, given the increased appetite of Romanians for social media, according to @Facebrands in January 2017 there were + 9,600,000 Facebook accounts, +550,000 instagram accounts and + 27,000 Twitter, yet 9% declared to be the protection of personal life, Trying to be as discrete as possible, it comes to family or job events, photos, trips, etc.

The study was conducted between December 27, 2018 and January 7, 2019, on a sample of 1,009 adult adults in Romania.


Prime Telecom, in partnership with Forinet, offers Next Generation Firewall solutions that provide complex analysis and filtering criteria so your business can be protected against phishing attempts.

For more details, please contact us at


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